Christmas Themed Tablescapes

Christmas is almost upon us – where has the year gone?! We just love Christmas and all the fun and excitement (and sometimes stress!) that goes along with it. We have always put together a themed tablescape for our family lunches and thought we would share some of our favourites. They can be as simple or as elaborate are you can imagine, either way they will elevate your festive gatherings and create a memorable backdrop for your feasts and celebrations.

Timeless Red and Green

Embrace the timeless charm of Christmas with a classic red and green colour scheme. Adorn your table with rich red or green tablecloths, greenery, and touches of gold for an elegant, traditional look. Consider using crisp white dinnerware to allow the festive colours to take centre stage. Finish the look with flickering candles and scattered pinecones for a touch of rustic charm. If you have small children, they will love searching for pinecones for your table. Be sure to soak them in water and dry out before you use them though – no one wants a rogue spider dancing around the prawns on Christmas Day!

Icy Blues and Silvers

Bring the enchanting beauty of a winter wonderland indoors by opting for a palette of icy blues and silvers. Although our Summers here in Brisbane are usually dry and hot and the total opposite of an icy winter, it’s still a beautiful colour combination that will look spectacular. Incorporate shimmering table runners, silver candle holders, and glass ornaments for a frosty ambiance. Add faux snow or white tablecloths to evoke the serene feel of freshly fallen snow. Consider using transparent glassware to enhance the overall cool and crisp aesthetic.

Natural Elements and Neutral Tones

Embrace the charm of a rustic Christmas with natural elements and neutral tones. Use burlap or linen table runners, wooden chargers and earthy-toned napkins for a warm and inviting feel. Incorporate pinecones, twigs, and small branches as rustic centrepieces. Add a touch of glamour with metallic accents, such as copper or gold napkin rings. This was one of our favourite themes – we used sage green and peach and it was just stunning with our sweet deer duo.

Playful Patterns and Bright Colours

Infuse a sense of playfulness into your Christmas tablescape with whimsical patterns and vibrant colours. Mix and match colourful plates, napkins and glassware to create a cheerful and eclectic look. Consider using fun patterns like polka dots or stripes. Add quirky ornaments as place card holders or scatter them across the table for an extra dose of whimsy. Its not to everyones taste, we know, but how boring would the world be if we all loved the same things?!

Luxe Accents and Sparkling Decor

This is my personal favourite – a Christmas table with a glamorous gold theme. Use gold-trimmed dinnerware, metallic gold table runners, and glittering ornaments for a touch of opulence. Incorporate crystal glassware and candle holders to enhance the overall sparkle. Consider using rich velvet or satin for an extra dose of luxury. This is a very simple theme to put together, but always looks so sophisticated and classy when done well.

Nostalgic Accents and Antique Finds

Transport your guests to a bygone era with a vintage-inspired Christmas tablescape. Hunt for antique silverware, vintage plates, and retro-inspired linens. Incorporate nostalgic elements like old-fashioned ornaments, vintage postcards, and heirloom candle holders. This theme adds a touch of sentimentality to your festive celebrations. We stock a range of vintage items, all available for hire.

Merry Christmas!

We hope that we have been able to spark some inspiration, so you can turn your own dining table into a festive masterpiece this Christmas. Whether you prefer a classic, rustic or whimsical theme, there are endless possibilities for creating a tablescape that reflects your unique style. We really enjoy working with Clients who come to us with an idea that we can turn into a reality. Get creative, have fun, and make your family gatherings truly special with a thoughtfully styled table. After all, it’s not just about the delicious ham, seafood and puddings – it’s about the memories you create around the table with your loved ones.

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