How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Congratulations! You’ve been bestowed with the sacred title of Bridesmaid and you’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride of tulle, tears, and tiaras. It’s an honour, a privilege and a potential comedy show all rolled into one. But fret not, my dear bridesmaid-to-be! We’ve got your back with some top tips on how to be the best bridesmaid ever!

Say Yes to the Dress - And Everything Else!

Your bride-to-be might ask for your opinion on her dress, the flowers, the cake, and even the napkin colour. It’s essential to offer your support and convey your excitement for her big day. The key here is to nod, smile, and say, “You’re absolutely right, it’s perfect!” Even if it’s neon green with orange polka dots. Remember, you’re her cheerleader, not her fashion police. You’re doing this for your friend, so embrace it! When it’s time for fittings, put on your best runway walk and make those alterations feel like a fashion show. Own it, girl! Remember that every bride is different, so be sure to tailor your words to her personality and preferences. Offer your genuine support and enthusiasm to make her feel loved and encouraged during this exciting time in her life. We really love Laneway Bridal for a large selection of ready made gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Check our their gallery on Facebook. For something extra special, we highly recommend Becky from A Bride to Be Wedding Dresses who will design and create a custom gown, just for you. 

The Emergency Kit

From bustling that bridal gown like a pro, to fixing a last-minute mascara crisis, your toolkit should include safety pins, tissues, cotton buds for running makeup, hair pins and water. You’re the one-stop-shop for all things bridal emergency! Weddings can be chaotic and tensions can run high. But remember, you’re the beacon of calm in this storm. Stay calm and don’t let on to the bride to be if something has gone wrong, the last thing she needs on her special day is to be worrying about things in the background. There will always be other bridesmaids or family members around to help resolve a potential disaster, so ask for help if you need it

Embrace your Inner Party Planner

Get ready to become a mini-wedding planner. Help the bride with her Pinterest-inspired dreams and organise the bridal shower and any other pre-wedding events. We can’t forget the hens party! Get creative, plan something memorable and don’t forget the wild party favours and games. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your friend’s last days of singledom and make her laugh until her cheeks hurt. Check in with her and ask for her idea’s on what she would or wouldn’t like to do though, you want her to enjoy every aspect and make it a night that she looks back on with fond memories.

What about a little Snacky Snack?

A well-fed bride is a happy bride. Make it your mission to ensure the bride eats something on her big day. It can be a long morning of hair, make up and photo’s, so a beautiful bridal breakfast spread is something that she will absolutely enjoy eating as she is getting ready. I remember my wedding day, where all my bridesmaids got together and put on a beautiful bridal breakfast. There were local fruits, croissants, donuts, granola and freshly squeezed orange juice. It was such a lovely morning and I wasn’t starving when I got to the ceremony! Jaz & Fiona from Boho By the Bayside are a wonderful team that have can help you out with catering options for your picnic, reception and can also organise custom designed cookies for you. 

Dance like nobody is watching…Except they are!

When the DJ starts playing “Single Ladies” don’t hesitate to channel your inner Beyoncé. Even if your two left feet have never quite figured out the Nutbush, now’s the time to unleash your inner dance diva. Grab another bridesmaid or groomsman and together, create a dance routine so legendary it’ll go viral on TikTok. You’re here to celebrate love and shake off the stress, so hit the dance floor with all the enthusiasm you have. Trust us; you’ll create lasting memories and provide some epic entertainment. We recommend Glenn Richie for anyone based in Brisbane and surrounds.  DJ Brad is also another great business and regularly entertains at Weddings, Parties, Graduations and Corporate Events. 


Writing a memorable wedding toast can be daunting. But fear not, dear bridesmaid! Start with some heartfelt compliments, throw in a funny anecdote or two and end with a touching wish for the couple’s future. Just remember, it’s not the time to reveal embarrassing childhood secrets. We’re aiming for laughter, not tears of mortification. You want to let your friend know how proud you are of her and that you wish her the happiest or marriages!

Final Thoughts

Amidst all the responsibilities, don’t forget to have a blast! Weddings are joyous occasions, and your enthusiasm and laughter will be contagious. Enjoy every moment, from the pre-wedding preparations to the wild dance floor antics.

In the end, being the best bridesmaid is all about being there for your friend when she needs you the most. So, put on that dress, grab your checklist and get ready for a wedding adventure like no other. With a sense of humour and a heart full of love, you’ll be the ultimate bridesmaid extraordinaire! Cheers to making your friend’s special day absolutely fabulous!

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