All You Need to know about planning your outdoor ceremony

Book your Public Space

You will be responsible for booking your public space, usually with the local council or authority (For example National Parks Authority). It’s usually a simple process that requires filling out a form and paying a fee. Some public spaces are free of charge, but you may still need to complete paperwork. Usually, you are able to book a public space in a 3 hour window. This allows you a short amount of set up time, and a short amount of pack down time.


Be mindful, and please never assume you will be able to set up any earlier than the times nominated and specified by yourselves.  Popular spaces often take back-to-back bookings, and you may find yourself wanting to set up during the middle of a wedding ceremony already underway in the space you have booked. Don’t forget to give your wedding planner or coordinator a copy of your confirmed booking sheet.  If you find yourself needing help with coordination for your public space, our ceremony packages or our Mini

Co-ordination packages are perfect for you.

Book your Civil Marriage Celebrant

The fee that a celebrant commands often far outweighs the donation you would have made to a religious celebrant. For a professional and experienced celebrant, expect to pay at least $650 and upwards. Celebrants in demand can charge up to $1100.00 plus. Your celebrant will and with your input, prepare the ceremony lodge all your paperwork and with your input, prepare the ceremony which should all be included in the fee.  Most will include a PA and often allow you to plug and play your chosen music for the ceremony.

Book your Wet Weather Contingency Plan








If your public space doesn’t have any back up options (rotundas or another form of shelter), book a backup plan but don’t leave it to the last minute. The most fool proof option is to book a function room or area at your reception venue.   But be prepared and set some money aside to avoid any anxiety. Feel free to talk to us about your wet weather contingency plan.

Outdoor Hire

There is usually some regulatory control on what your outdoor hire can involve. It’s always a good idea to check the fine print on the contract of your ceremony space. Many public spaces only allow you a limited number of chairs (gardens are notorious for this). At a minimum, you should consider hiring an arbour that doesn’t require pegging down in the ground (and severing underground watering systems) chairs for your guests, a signing table and two chairs (some celebrants bring their own). An aisle runner too is a great idea, it’s such a practical hint for your gown and your heels. And finally, just a simple easel with signage letting your guests know that they are in the right place – with your names and the date. Of course, there are countless ways in which you can decorate your space, dependant on your budget. We can arrange all your DIY outdoor hire for you, or supply complete styling, set up and pack down of your space, please contact us to find out more.

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It is common for couples to use the celebrants’ PA system to plug their devices into for their ceremony music. If budget allows though, always consider live musicians for your ceremony. Not only does it make your ceremonial space more intimate and adds more ambience to the day, but if you are having photos after the ceremony, or post ceremony drinks and champagne service, then it pays to have live musicians who can supply entertainment. Using the PA from a celebrant who needs to leave your ceremony fairy quickly after you marry will not be that useful to you!


Our best advice is to be organised when it comes to your outdoor ceremony. If you decide that it all becomes too much work running from here, there and everywhere to pick up your purchases or hired items, then perhaps you need our assistance.   

Don’t cut corners though, planning all these things ahead, will save you a lot of anxiety in the lead up to your wedding day. Talk to us today about your outdoor wedding ceremony, we’d be delighted to give you free advice in addition to your hire booking.  Our motto of a “Worry Free Wedding” is the peace of mind that you really deserve.

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