Sip, Sip, Hooray! Staying Hydrated and Cool at Your Wedding

Australia is renowned for its diverse climate, from the scorching heat of the Outback to the temperate coastal breezes. Regardless of the location, one thing remains constant: the need to stay hydrated and cool, especially during outdoor events. A wedding is a day of celebration, dancing, and toasting, all of which can leave guests feeling hot. Providing refreshments to keep everyone cool and comfortable is a must, especially if you have older guests and young children attending. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of having drink stations, ample water and shade available at your wedding and what we have available to help you do this.

Drink Stations

Consider placing water stations strategically, such as near the ceremony site and dance floor. Somewhere that is easily accessible for your friends and family to grab a quick glass when required. You can add a touch of personalisation by incorporating themed drink stations that align with your wedding theme or colours. It doesn’t have to be a plain jug of water and some glasses. We had milk bottles with lace frills and coloured straws at our wedding which looked so nice set up and matched our barn theme. French Affair Hire have a range of different coloured glassware, jugs, dispensers and tubs all available for hire at some very competitive prices. You can check out our glassware here and our tubs and dispensers here.

Personalising Your Drinks

Embrace the eco-friendly spirit by opting for sustainable choices when it comes to drink stations. Provide reusable cups or personalized water bottles that guests can take home as keepsakes. This not only contributes to a greener environment but also adds a charming and thoughtful element to your wedding. While personalised water bottles and eco-friendly options may not be within everyone’s budget or taste, there are some inexpensive alternatives, like purchasing water bottle wraps online and adhering them to bottled water. They often come with a sticky backing that makes them very easy to attach to your bottles. Maybe your team of bridesmaids might like to help with this job?! With sites such as Etsy and Canva, it is so easy to make your own if you cant quite find what you’re looking for. We are also happy to help out with this if needed.

Throwing Shade (The good kind!)

A well-designed outdoor wedding will have strategically placed shade elements, such as elegant marquees and outdoor umbrellas, that offer respite and enhance the overall experience. Guests can be fully present in the occasion, focusing on the ceremony and shared moments without the distraction of discomfort from the sun. If you choose to use our market umbrellas, they can also be set up with festoon lighting, so you can use them into the evening celebrations. Our umbrellas and parasols can be found here and also a range of marquees in various sizes here.

Tubs and Esky's

Gone are the days of the standard esky plonked on the grass at your reception. Some clients choose to have a low key, relaxed affair and an esky is the perfect option; others look for something a little different. We love the look of a champagne bowl or a drink stand with your beverages in the top. It can be helpful to have someone assigned to the drinks stations to ensure they are kept stocked with drinks and topped up with fresh ice, so guests don’t have to go searching for that ice cold Corona they’ve been craving.

Bring the Fans

Elevate the charm of your outdoor wedding with parasols and the refreshing breeze of hand fans. Picture a sunlit ceremony where parasols, adorned in delicate lace or vibrant colours, create a captivating visual spectacle, all while keeping your guests cool. Delicate paper or intricately designed fans become not just accessories but tokens of consideration for your guests, ensuring they stay cool and comfortable throughout the festivities. We had hand fans and hats for guests at our wedding, which were not useful, as it poured with rain on the day, but everyone enjoyed taking them home! We still get updates now and then about someone wearing their hat or using their fan from our wedding, I think the gesture was really appreciated.

Final Thoughts

While there are countless details to consider when planning a wedding, the inclusion of drink stations and shade should not be overlooked, especially as we navigate the heatwaves we have been experiencing lately. It’s not just about keeping your guests comfortable; it’s about creating an environment where they can fully embrace the joy of your celebration. So, as you plan your perfect day, remember that a cool guest is a happy guest, and happy guests make for cherished memories that last a lifetime. Cheers to love, laughter, and a well-hydrated celebration! 

– Desma x

If you have difficulty in planning or obtaining specific DIY hire items, French Affair Hire are happy to provide you with an obligation free consultation and can assist you with wedding styling, day of coordinators and full wedding planning services.

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