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Hiring tables for your wedding is something you want to consider carefully and plan well ahead of time. If you are choosing to marry during the peak Wedding season, it will need to be something you organise early as tables and seating book out very quickly and it’s so disappointing when you can’t have exactly what you want for your special day. It can be tricky to work out how many guests will fit at a table and how your tables will work in your reception space. Luckily, we have loads of experience and can tell you exactly how many you will need and what the best layout will be. It can be a bit of a balancing act – too many tables will make your reception cramped and uncomfortable and being overly generous with space with less tables, will make your area lack intimacy and may create a disjointed environment. Have a read below at some of the ideas we have for seating and table layouts for your most special day.

Decide on you Floor Plan

When clients ask us how many tables they need, our first questions are – How many guests are attending and what sort of layout are you planning? How many tables required will depend on how you plan to place your tables. Are you having individual tables or long banks? Do you want people seated at the heads of the tables or are you just going to have them down either side? How will you make sure that no one has their back to the head table? Its awkward and uncomfortable for guests to turn around to listen to speeches. If you have decided on this before you come to us to hire your tables, it will make things a lot easier for the both of us – We will know what you need and you won’t be put on the spot having to make a quick decision.

Consider the venue space that you have before you make a definite decision on your floor plan and table requirements to make sure that everything is going to fit comfortably. Venues are all so different, so one floor plan may be more suited to your venue than others. A good tip is to grab the measurements of the space and then map out on some paper to see how its going to look.  Your venue might even be able to show you some photo’s of previous events, so you can see what works well. And don’t forget to allow an appropriate amount of space in between the tables for catering purposes!

Mix and Mingle

Break away from tradition and opt for a mix-and-mingle seating arrangement. Instead of assigned seats, create cozy lounges or mix up table shapes and sizes. This encourages guests to mingle freely, fostering a light hearted atmosphere where new friendships can blossom. Some couples have a mix of odd chairs and tables which surprisingly look really great when they are dressed and set and it also makes for a relaxed environment, where people aren’t so worried about using the correct fork or drinking out of the right glass. It can be a really eclectic look that somehow, works very well.

Themed Table Names

Infuse your seating plan with a burst of creativity by naming tables after something meaningful to you and your partner. Whether it’s places you’ve travelled together, favourite books or even quirky inside jokes, themed table names add a personalised touch that sparks joy and conversation. For our own wedding, we named every table after a street that had meaning to both of us. Each guest was then seated at a table associated with that street name. It meant that almost everyone knew each other at the table and it wasn’t awkward at all. It was also really fun to make all the signage ourselves!

Final Thoughts

Table plans and seating layouts don’t have to be a source of stress – turn them into an opportunity to infuse your wedding with happiness and fun! Whether you opt for interactive displays, vibrant colours, or musical influences, the key is to create an atmosphere that radiates joy. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of love, laughter, and all the happy moments in between! Cheers to seating bliss and the beginning of your happily-ever-after!

– Desma x

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