Metal Festoon Pole and Ground Spike Kit


Our Festoon and Fairy Light Pole Kits are 3.2m high, to ensure enough height to still have swag in the cable over long spans but still comfortably clear crowd height.

Each Festoon Pole comes with 2 star pickets that are placed into the ground and the festoon pole is then secured to using zip ties. Zip Ties not included. For accurate installation we recommend adding our Star Picket Driver to your order

IMPORTANT Transport Information: Due to the 3.2m length, a suitably sized vehicle will be required to transport it safely.  Please measure 3.2m on/in your vehicle or trailer before arriving to collect to ensure that you can transport the equipment appropriately.

Rigging Instructions are provided at the time of pick up or delivery.

Price is for up to 3 days hire and does not include refundable security bond.

Available: 12


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